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Escort Services in Asia. Japan and China

Asian-regionAsian countries have always been a mystery to the rest of the world. Place where thousand years old history and traditions intersect with the newest technologies, know-hows and facilities. But thing are a bit different with the oldest, as believed in Europe, profession. There is no doubt that Dubai, Chinese or Japanese escorts existed centuries before, but this type of services was never supported nor encouraged by the officials. As the attention to the Asian countries grew higher – countries’ officials paid more attention to building stronger reputation and better social image of the region.

Despite Asia has many economic, environmental and social issues, many Asian countries and cities are gaining European look, so accustomed and well-known, while some regions are developing even faster than Europe, like the UAE and so are the escorts in Dubai well know around the world as another symbol of UAE’s luxury and richness. In this way the region becomes a comfortable, exotic and unexplored, yet inexpensive region for rest, entertainment and business.

Japanese escorts services. In Japan it is called enjo-kōsai, that can be translated as paid dating. This phenomenon seems to split the people into 2 categories. Adherents of the materialism, who believe that this is a norm in the developing sector of entertainment services and those who oppose to the idea and its openness. Statistics shows that the percentage of escort services’ publicity oppositionists is over 70%, serving as another proof that issues of ethics in Asian countries are treated quite conservatively. Nevertheless enjo-kōsai grants access to young women and girls to financial freedom and independence, while existing lows in the sphere secure no mental and physical damage to the health of the young escorts. There are several institutions designed for in-call escort services in Japan, the most well-known is the soapland – a regular private bath house serviced by an escort. They are of different size, location, comfort class, and most important served by different companions. One session price with an experienced escort reaches a thousand dollars, which is approximately a 2 hour session with a UK independent escort. In 1999 Japan adopted a low prohibiting paying to a person aged under 18 for obscene acts, if that low is violated the sponsor of the dating will be punished.

Chinese escorts services. They have a long and fightful history. During the Soviet government escorts services in China were punished, prosecuted and done away with and resulted in eradication of publicly accessible forms of prostitution. But after the decline of the Soviet government and development of the tourism industry of the economy, escort services became a very fast developing services sector in China, one of the most populated and low income countries of the world. Very soon tourism and bound services, like escorting, became one of the major profit businesses for the country. Escort services in China are related to such notions as baoernai and baopo. Baoernai is a role play of a second wife. Such an girl escorts a client in all his deeds, both business and off-job hours. Such services sometimes finish up in a real wedding in case the girl becomes too dear and close to the master. Baopo is a European escorts’ pattern when a VIP customer pays to the lady for escorting him around the city or the country for a limited defined amount of time. A regular local compensation rate circles around 150 US dollars which is twice or more than twice less compared to the costs of the UK or German escorts.