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The Essence of the Body Language

Learning body language tipsPeople know that non verbal communication is very important. About 93% of communication is considered to be non verbal or in other words – body language. If you are aware of that you can easily translate these signs and use them to maintain communication level and to persuade your partner in a minute. What comes so far – that this language can be taught in a minute. There is nothing very difficult in translating it. Once you know how to read these signs from people around you, you’ll get a good idea of the workings of their minds and thought processes. Further tips are provided by London Escorts (from Rentalic Escorts agency).

It is more important in communication between men and women i.e. when it comes to dating or escort services. Knowing the translation you will not miss the silent messages: it may help a client or an escort girl during the walking out or a business presentation to translate people they meet with.

Escorts Touch agency aims to provide high class escort services as this industry is highly competitive: meaning lots of escort ladies attend non verbal language classes. No doubt it makes service more sophisticated and elite. On other hand these escort professionals display their emotions through body language as well.

One such sign is the ‘head toss’, it is usually done by women to capture someone’s attention by revealing their neck. For escort girls exposed wrists can also be a sign of interest: as an open palm is often seen as a sign of openness and sincerity.

During the callout one might see a foot or a knee that is pointing towards the client – this can be also taken as the sign of interest. Crossed legs are also seen as being a relaxed informal position. If an escort lady from Escorts Touch agency lets the shoe from her top leg slip off her foot and then starts playing with it – this is often seen as a sign of interest.

But the most important during the date or walking out is to pay attention to the eyes as escort girls are excellent at using the intimate gaze – that is holding your gaze for a moment longer than normal, and following the triangle formation. This movement is known as ‘eyeing someone up’. Another good sign of attraction is when an Escorts Touch model sitting next to you coiling her hair around her finger and tilting her head whilst talking to you.