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Using Tags to Bring More Traffic to Your Escort Blog

What are tags?

Tags are the key words that you put at the end of your article or content like “money” or “taxes.”

What do tags do?

They cause websites to appear in a search engine when that particular word or phrase is keyed in a search. Websites that have the word in the title of their site usually appear first, then others that have the word or phrase in the content show up next and of course all of this is based on your search ranking with the individual search engine.

The more page views that you get the higher your ranking will be. I was ranked number four on one search. I am now down to number six which is still pretty good.

How many tags should you use? As many as you can think of that are relevant to your site. In other words, tag it to death. It is not going to hurt anything to put a lot of tags on your articles. Just make sure to use relevant tags, so you don’t frustrate people who come to your site expecting something ese.

I usually try to come up with at least ten. Sometimes you can. Sometimes you can’t but you do need to try.

Think of tags as roads that lead to your blog or content site. The more roads that you have coming to you the
you will have.

One road can only hold so much traffic.

Good tags are as good as a good headline. As a matter of fact, they are better. As I just said, tags can open up a number of avenues to your site but you only have one headline. So if you are depending just on your headline, it better be a doozy.

Tag it, tag it and tag it some more. Make all roads lead to your site.