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11 Signs of an Unfaithful Spouse

He or she keeps talking about a new friend
When your husband or wife keeps mentioning someone else every now and then you need to find out exactly how they are relating before you realize when it is too late. Sometimes he or she will give them a fake name so that you do not suspect anything. Hiding the truth is always a warning sign.

Changes in his or her smoking/drinking habits
If your spouse never had an interest in cigarettes and alcohol but she/he begins taking them excessively then probably someone is responsible for the habit.

How often does he or she attend business trips?
Going for business trips is not a bad but the excess time he/she spends out the more likely that she/he is seeing someone else .You can only suspect this when other habits seem to crop up in the relationship.

How much does your husband or wife spend when he or she goes out?
If you come across receipts of unnecessary expenses in his or her pockets then you need to find out exactly what is going on. This is very important especially when you have a long distance relationship.

Change in behavior at home
When he or she constantly distances him or herself from you as well as showing less affectionate then probably they are no longer into you.

Phone habits
Although experts claim that women spend most of their time on their phone, some of them can use this technique to communicate to other men. This is no different with men. Trying asking your husband or wife about new phone calls, he/she keeps receiving during odd hours. Also, check at the frequency of the call and the time taken to make the calls.

Changes in sexual behavior
Although it is common for an unfaithful spouse to show less desire for sex, some of them will want more of it so that they can make you believe that they are into you when the truth is different. When your husband or wife wants more sex then it can be an indication that someone out there that attracts them and it is only that they cannot find time to be together.

Time she/he spends on the computer
Just like the phone, computers are other devices used by most spouses to cheat. Some of them pretend that they are busy working but when you examine carefully they seem to be doing something else.

Significant changes in their appearance
If your wife or husbands starts being more keen on the way he/she dresses every time they are about to go out then there is a high probability that something may be happening in their life. Acts such wearing short dresses in women when they used not to like them or casual wear for a man who used to detest the same can easily show a sign of infidelity.

How does he or she treat your family and friends?
You need to observe at the way he or she treats the people who seem to care about your life. In most cases, an unfaithful spouse will try to distance themselves from your friends as well as your family because she or he fears bumping into them when committing the offense. In addition, the person feels that the more closely he or she stays to your family the more people she or he may end up hurting when you find out about the same.

How often does he or she hang out with friends?
If your husband or wife begins to enter into circles that he/she does not need you then something is wrong somewhere. However, you need to find out why that is happening since some of them do so because of feeling insecure.

Four Ways to Catch an Unfaithful Spouse

Before you embark on the process of catching an unfaithful spouse, you should be ready to bear the consequences. In most cases, such actions will mark the end of the relationship. Some of the tactics that you can employ include the following:

Hire a private investigator
If you having doubts about the relationship between your spouse and someone else, and you have children together, then you should hire a child custody private investigator. We have agencies that can help you determine whether your spouse is having an affair or not. The only tricky part with this technique is that you should be ready to spend money heavily especially when your spouse keeps making trips to distant places where catching them in the act can be very expensive for the agency.

Look for secrets
Some spouses keep hidden phones that they use when communicating with their ‘lovers’. Also check at the trash in his or her computer because most people tend to throw things in the thrash and they forget to empty it.

Check the call history
If you spouse blocks all the call history of his or her phone then you can access the same details online as long as you have the passwords. The trickiest part of this technique is that you spouse can set up a different password that you cannot tell because they know that you can make attempts of taking them down.

Count the miles
The cheap and free alternative is to find out the miles covered by your spouse from their place of work through GPS tracking. If the distance is double and not just once but more often then there is the likelihood that he or she is passing somewhere before coming over to the house. The difference in the odometer can lead to the possible place where you are likely to find them with another person.

In conclusion, detecting signs of a cheating spouse is easier than catching them in the act. Some of the common things to show that your spouse is likely to be seeing somewhere else include change in sexual behavior, dressing, how they relate with your family and their expenses. If you want to catch your spouse in the act then you can hire an investigator or use different technologies to detect the same as long as you are ready to accept whatever you will realize.