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Men’s Preferences In Choosing an Escort

Survey on escortsWe decided to ask our clients some questions about their references, favours in choosing an escort. There are some answers. Do escort’s appearance and looks matter to you?

  1. Yes 87%
  2. No 8%
  3. Don’t know 5%

The study founds that men primarily are motivated by good looks (in contrast to women, they are motivated in relationship by earning power). If for men the main thing is luxurious, attractive appearance, what kind of hair colour men are the most attracted to?

  1. Blonde escorts 32%
  2. Black escorts 16%
  3. Light brown escorts 8%
  4. Dark brown escorts 8%
  5. Grey escorts 4%
  6. Red escorts 8%
  7. Bald escorts 8%
  8. Don’t mind escorts 16%

The hair colour seams to be a very important factor for men in choosing women escorts. A survey, carried out among Harrow escorts and their clients, has revealed men really do prefer fair-haired ladies (at least as lovers, escorts and mistresses). For mistresses, escorts 32% of men said their ideal would be blonde, followed by 8% redhead, 16% brunette, and 8% light brown hair. But men’s favours change, however, with talk of bridge, with brunette emerging as the favourite hair colour for a marriage. We asked at another agency offering Canary Wharf escorts who they would like to walk down the aisle, 30% of men said brunette, 27% light-brown, 15% blonde, and 7% redhead.

A psychologist at Portsmouth University, said:

What’s interesting about this study is that men are now showing an overall preference for brunettes, suggesting that this colour provides a safe haven for men looking for longer-term relationships or making the ultimate life commitment – marriage.

Brunettes win the first place in earning money. About a third of men – 31% – thought brunettes would also earn more money, with 28% saying blondes, 11% brown haired women, and 9% redheads.
One more fact, experiment. Scientists presented to group of men a picture of the same woman but with different colour hair (brunette, red-headed, blonde). And it was the brunette who was deemed the most attractive by just over half of the men questioned. 81 per cent of the men in the survey described the brunette in the picture as “intelligent”, but the same woman pictured with blonde hair as “needy”.

We also questioned different elite high class escorts on what colour hair they most liked in a man, finding dark-haired men are the most popular. Instead, 37% of women said they preferred brunette men, followed by light brown, 29%, then blonde, 16%. And just 2% of women said they liked ginger best.