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V London Review

V London Escorts babeKent is known as the Garden of England, thanks to its green pastures and plenty of outdoor activities. With plenty of rural villages and small country lanes making up a plethora of the county, it’s no surprise to sometimes feel distanced from the capital. And if you go all the way down to the coast, you’re presented with plenty of sea-faring options. Of course, you’re not here to discuss the fun you could be having on the water. Instead, I imagine, you’re here for exactly the same reason I was about six months ago. To find out just what life has to offer. Surely there has to be more out there? If, like me, you found yourself in a job that you love, don’t get me wrong, the hours are long enough to annoy even the saintliest of folk, but it just fits with what you want to be doing in your life, but you struggled to maintain other areas of your life, this is the perfect place to mix things up. The job, unfortunately, does not leave much room for social occasions, and trying to maintain a relationship is out of the question. Your own time is scarce enough that you don’t want to have to dedicate the majority of it to keeping someone else happy because they’ve become annoyed that they ‘haven’t seen you in a while’. This wasn’t for me, but I’m not a lonely guy so I still craved the companionship and attention that you get from the ladies.

The same as in work as in life, I know what I want and I’m not afraid to go for it. There are particular aesthetics that I simply adore in my ladies, and that’s an ample bosom. This isn’t misogynistic in anyway, I just have a very strong appreciation for the female form, which is why the busty escorts London has to offer are always enough to tempt me. They know what I want, and I love how forward they can be. There’s nothing worse than that uncomfortable confrontation when you’re going back and forth with a companion, and you don’t know what to say or how to act. With these ladies, you can be upfront from the start and immediately eliminate all that awkwardness.

Even though I don’t live in the city, if I fancy being in the company of a gorgeous girl at the weekend when I’m at home in Kent, I still can. That’s the greatest thing about this particular agency, and why I will always pick them over any other company that comes my way. I know what girls I like, and I know what ones can come to my area, so when I go about making my selection from the Kent escorts that they have, I feel like a kid in a candy shop.