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Three Reasons Why You Should Host Your Escort Site/Blog on A Subdomain

A sub domain from a site like is ideal for an escort or other person in the adult industry who is on a budget and has their safety in mind. This is because a sub domain is both safer and cheaper.

If you go with a domain, I would recommend going with one from WordPress. Use one of their blogging templates (like the one this uses) and create a hybrid of a blog and escort site.

Why should you use Because WordPress is free. You read it FREE. WordPress has a bunch of cool designs, and it also has killer analytics to watch your traffic and where it comes from.

You can host your site on a subdomain such as When you have a blog (or even a website built on a blog platform) it’s completely acceptable to host your site on a subdomain, and safer too! A blog based website is also great for SEO, especially if you update it everyday with fresh, new content.

Why is a sub domain from safer then a domain? Your IP can easily be traced from your domain, a sub domain from WordPress has no IP and can not be traced.

Also if you have a existing sub domain and then later add-on a domain, you will lose all back links and your Alexa ranking.