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Fighting for The Client: European Escorts

Regular clients of escorts, be it agencies or independent escorts, are all interested in diversifying the type of the ladies they are spending time with, while the list of the escort types offered today is growing all the time: It used to be blonde and brunette, tall and petite, black or white to choose from, but nowadays this list of made up of girls from the remotest corners of the world – Asia and Southern America offering anything from tantric massage to GFE, PSE and other abbreviations a layer man have hardly heard of. And a question pops up: Is it up to the girls background that matters to the client – or is it up to the girl’s traits and temperament that make her so cozy and funfull?

Escorts from EU – and that is a vast territory ranging from Portugal to Lithuania and Poland know perfectly well what a life of a modern European citizen is made up of. Work pressure, traffic jams, Friday evening beer and family weekends. Long awaited holidays where all your saving gets spent and the economic crisis that still feels in the air. This is what an overage person on the European continent lives with. In this life there are certain spots of the week where a relaxing pastime is more than welcomed. And that is where an European escort will do her best.

Every European escort girl has a special entertainment program that is prepared and used by her solely. The ladies understand that it is not only her appearance that clients want to enjoy – but also the way she behaves and the things she does.  It is like coming to a new restaurant where a special evening program is running – you do not know what it is going to be exactly, but you feel the sweet smell of joy and pleasure.

Unfortunately, girls who were born in some EU countries are unable to work in their natives cities because far not all countries allow escorts. Escorts and even discreet massages are prohibited in many countries of Europe. In Spain escorts can be mixed by mistake with prostitutes and be fined with up to Euro 3000 for offering their services. That is around 30 client if we count a single date as euro 100. Risks that an escort can hardly accept. Even though in countries like Spain 39 percent of men admit they have used escorts for at least once in their lives the prices for escorts are not as high is in London. In London the minimum price for an escort that works through an agency starts at GBP 70 and often the price goes up to GBP 150 and even GBP 600 per an hour for elite escorts from Europe.

There is no real problem for a citizen of EU to get visa for Great Britain. Countries are on friendly terms and the bounds between the island and the peninsular are very tight. Often agencies would help the girls to get social securities and medical insurance. As well, the apartments and some initial cash to settle down in the city. Clients will not take long to show up. Then you do the regular job being paid 2 or 3 times more than what you make in Europe. Just think how many girls have left their natives towns and cities heading up for richer countries of the Old Europe to keep their families afloat when the number of working places is going down and the prices are going up.

The reason why EU escorts are heading up for London reminds me of the reasons why so many people would move from Europe to America when it was discovered by Amerigo Vespucci in 1497: search for better place of living, believe in the bright future and more comfortable working conditions. That is why escort girl live and offline vacancies are so much in demand and far nothing to do with shame of embarrassment these days.