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A Holiday Better than Valentine’s Day

Whenever Valentine’s Day rolls around, you can bet that everyone has an opinion to share about its legitimacy as an important day. We don’t need to buy chocolate and flowers to show our love! It’s a Hallmark holiday. No, it’s sweet! It’s a chance to tell people you love them. What about Galentine’s Day–Leslie Knope knows what’s up.

To be honest, I’m ambivalent about Valentine’s Day. I think it’s nice to have an excuse to celebrate love, but yes, it’s overly commercialized, and it promotes one type of love (romantic) as more important than all the others. You can take the day and make it completely your own, spending it with friends or spending no money at all but still enjoying a special evening with a partner, or you can choose not to observe it at all–all OK.

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The Essence of the Body Language

Learning body language tipsPeople know that non verbal communication is very important. About 93% of communication is considered to be non verbal or in other words – body language. If you are aware of that you can easily translate these signs and use them to maintain communication level and to persuade your partner in a minute. What comes so far – that this language can be taught in a minute. There is nothing very difficult in translating it. Once you know how to read these signs from people around you, you’ll get a good idea of the workings of their minds and thought processes. Further tips are provided by London Escorts (from Rentalic Escorts agency).

It is more important in communication between men and women i.e. when it comes to dating or escort services. Knowing the translation you will not miss the silent messages: it may help a client or an escort girl during the walking out or a business presentation to translate people they meet with. Continue reading “The Essence of the Body Language”

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Earls Court. Its sightseens & Escorts.

A wonderful place and a numerous sight to be viewed, these are the ideal place to spend a long vacation for you to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature together with the culture of that certain place. You can find these factors that you are looking for in Earls Court. Earl Court offers you an amazing sight of astonishing views that will surely be worth traveling for. You can spend the rest of your vacation here without thinking the work that you have back in your home and enjoy the amazing displays of beauties of the escorts in Earls Court. Continue reading “Earls Court. Its sightseens & Escorts.”

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Escort Services in Asia. Japan and China

Asian-regionAsian countries have always been a mystery to the rest of the world. Place where thousand years old history and traditions intersect with the newest technologies, know-hows and facilities. But thing are a bit different with the oldest, as believed in Europe, profession. There is no doubt that Dubai, Chinese or Japanese escorts existed centuries before, but this type of services was never supported nor encouraged by the officials. As the attention to the Asian countries grew higher – countries’ officials paid more attention to building stronger reputation and better social image of the region.

Despite Asia has many economic, environmental and social issues, many Asian countries and cities are gaining European look, so accustomed and well-known, while some regions are developing even faster than Europe, like the UAE and so are the escorts in Dubai well know around the world as another symbol of UAE’s luxury and richness. In this way the region becomes a comfortable, exotic and unexplored, yet inexpensive region for rest, entertainment and business. Continue reading “Escort Services in Asia. Japan and China”

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London. Girls. Desires

London is famous for its adorable escorts and if you are in London, you can expect the very best women in the world. London escorts are considered as among the most attractive ladies with a great sense of style, class and enchanting personality. One can realize his dream to meet his dream women in London. Finding beautiful escorts is not a difficult task but one must always consider some of the facts before going for an escort agency. With the growth in internet, one can find an escort agency over the internet and book a date with his dream girl.

All the escort agencies in London promise to offer the best escorts but one must consider the benefits and risk involved in selecting one of these agencies. The first thing to worry about is to look for an escort agency that is safe and provides full security. Reliability is a big concern in this business and you would not risk your security with an unreliable escort. Moreover you need not to worry about the background of the girl and can enjoy the moments with maximum pleasure. You should be provided with different choices that whether you want to date the escort at her place or at your own accommodation. Continue reading “London. Girls. Desires”

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London Escorts: The Best Companions You Can Ever Find

London escort agencies girlsAre you looking for a London escort who could be with you while you are in the city exploring the various locations? Then the girls of our agency, London Escorts VIP would be your ideal choice. They will take you to the beautiful tourist attractions in the Capital and help you go around the city. It is not only for this purpose that our babes are beneficial, but they have a lot more to offer. They can provide you with some other services that will make you happy in many different ways.

All the girls listed in our agency are extremely talented and they are very much dedicated towards their job. It is their passion to work for the pleasure of their clients; for these girls the satisfaction of their gentlemen clientele is on top priority. If we make our customers happy, we are more than happy because our goodwill is very significant to us. Continue reading “London Escorts: The Best Companions You Can Ever Find”

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Does Sexual Abuse in Schools and Colleges Lead to Increased Desires to Work as an Escort?

How often student earn pocket money by working as escorts?There have been a range of recent news items of people in positions of powers committing sexual abuse. The latest was of William James Vahey, who abused children all over the world for over four decades, culminating in over 60 cases of abuse at a prominent London private school. As a result, questions are now being asked about whether there is a link between sexual abuse and a desire to work as an escort, earning money out of the sex trade.

Link between Sexual Abuse and Prostitution

We know from scientific studies that many women who work as prostitutes have been sexually abused as children. This is particularly true for adolescent prostitutes. However, it now seems that the link is not as strong as this, and that a second variable – runaway behaviour – has to be added to place these young girls at greater risk of becoming prostitutes.

Important Factors to Remember

There are a number of important factors to remember. The first is that the link between abuse and prostitution is only there in adolescent girls. The second, major factor is that escorts are not prostitutes. Although escorts will regularly have sex with their clients, they do so with consent. They are paid to keep someone company, not to have sex with them. Indeed, many escorts will tell you that the majority of their clients do not actually have any form of sex or physical contact with them.

So why do women become escorts? Generally speaking, women who do this are women who are empowered by the strong hold their bodies have over men. They know that they are beautiful and enjoy demonstrating this to the world. They feel power over the pleasure they can give to a man simply through their beauty. Of course, most of these women also tremendously enjoy sex. They have made it their mission to learn all there is about physical attraction and enjoyment and often know fantastic tools and techniques to increase sexual satisfaction.

Of course, escorts also earn a lot of money, which certainly helps. As such, there is also a link between college and university students and escorts. Some escort agencies are not hiding it at all, like Belgium escort agency Sky Models – just read their intro text.  These young girls are often strapped for cash and feel that by working in the escort industry, they are better able to afford the cost of their education. Hence, there certainly is a link between schools and colleges and the escort world, but that link most definitely is not based in abuse.

Remember that being an escort is not degrading or demeaning or even objectifying of a woman. It is empowering and fun and certainly a very well-paid job as well.